Nope I have never been much of a fishing dude. There are man folk in7 my family that are. But my memories  of fishing are more along the lines of the bazarr.

For instance; once at the pier with my dad I noticed many fish left flapping & flailing on the wooden board walk; left to dry up and croak. Their certain death and suffering compelled me to rescue them ALL.

I kicked them quickly over the side and observed that  some swam away, and others slowly sunk never to be seen again. After a while I was disciplined sternly and cast off the pierr as if I was one of the fish I had tried to give a second chance to.

I never wanted to go back..and never did. The point here is that when God the Father sends blessings they are always FRESH & never left over, never left behind, never secondhand or near death.

His blessings are NEW every day and His blessings have no sorrows with them.

In the numerous fish stories of biblical account you will NEVER read of old fish..discarded fish…left over fish..and certainly never dried up tortured fish.

No sir—-when God provides fish–yes blessing– IT is ALWAYS FRESH!

Look at the story where Jesus instructed the disciples to drop the nets to the other side…After long day trying to catch evasive fish…they listened to Jesus..they utilized their faith in His instructions, they FOLLOWED HIM.  Yes they submitted to a carpenter who was Devine.

When God sends blessings to His faith filled children He sends FRESH FISH!

Their  nets were brimming over by the catch..note: while the men peered down onto the waters surface they only saw the currents effects, they only saw Their reflections. They could not see what was underneath..they could not see the giant school of fresh fish which the breath of their Lord had stirred up on their behalf.

This is provision …

God only deals us fresh things.,He does not deliver us left overs, small bits of; or peices parts.

God creates NEW blessings for His children who were faithful..

We must drop our nets..or lay out our faith before Him & others according to His words & instructions.

We must speak what He says only..allow God to stir your waters..allow God to fill your Faith filled nets with His plans & purposes.

When you do you will see His mighty hand of grace upon you.


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Shake it..

Remember you are to be salt & light into the world! Salt is best spread byshakingit over something that lacks flavor.

 The world is thirsty! Salt creates a Holy thirst…your words & deeds permeate the world’s system.

 There are rumors of war..yes however we must press in with greater fervor so that souls will have every chance to turn towards heavens hope as found through Jesus Christ.

  Be careful NOT to be distracted by increasing noise, perversities, and calamity. Be strong in your LORD as He is faithful to His followers.

 The days of being just Christian are past. WE MUST BE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST DOING HIS WORD.

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My recent hospital/doctoral visit.

As some readers may already be aware….I have now out lived most recent statistical medical information that indicates my life span on earth should have ended during the late 80,s..due to my POSITIVE HIV STATUS.

Praise God I am Still here full of purpose, joy & continued hope. My health is wonderful, especially for a man near 60. The doctors ponder & wonder at my good health & positive outlook.

  This story is about the 6 month blood sucking event I am obligated to—per Dr. Orders. My wife drives with our down syndrome/blessing son in tow. We navigate the parking, elevator, sickly crowds, and check in in smooth fashion. The famiar smells of antiseptic mixed with illness permeate the atmosphere. Even the most happy of person could easily be drawn into a quiet depression if it were not for the presence of the Holy Spirit.

 We wait our turn to sit before the gentle doctor who tries to convey care for me/us while holding her ground as to how bleak ALL will ultimately become day for me & my family. I despise her post in my life but loves her as Jesus does.

 It is a carousel of emotions! This visit had its surprisescas she first sent to the examination room a very young,handsome, intern. He entered the room unaware of how peculiar we/I am. I even think she set him lol his mission is to ascertain my order all purpose for being there and to identify any struggles I may be having. My wife greeted him but did not shake his hand. I watched her face as she was secretly wishing he go away and not know of us. I also sighed as i I know he is a student & comes with going to this type of institution. At first I sense it is additional struggle when I just want to go home & continue as if I have no diagnosis . but alas..he presses me for information & now I hear the Holy Spirit direct me to share my hope found in CHRIST. Now folks….keep in mind people are dying in the waiting room from the same diagnosis. Claim I am healed from in Jesus name & hope is limited to a pill and time. There is no earthly cure.

 So I proceed to serve him a full plate of Jesus Christ hope eternal

 FUN? No SCARED?yes even nausea set in..however…while I shared his eyes teared up as he heard a witness he nothing of. His collgeg exp. Gave him text books & boozy weekends. No there was no VISIBLE conversion, BUT he was salted with words I hang my daily health upon. The very hope of my time on earth is placed upon what happened at the cross. HECBORE OUR SICKNESSES AND DISEASE BY HIS STRIPES SE WERE HEALED! 

 The rest of the visit was a bluer…emotions, statistics, blood s a. mpling & a few prevention shots etc. When sitting in the car we rehashed the visit as if we had flown as mission over foreign land and we recounted how mAny folks we shared JESUS hope with…there were many…but here’s what we do not see when we suRe heavens hope with the world Found us. We do not see the thousands of souls our words will ever actually carry into the souls of others. Even if they did not agree with my source of hope..they heard the eternal words as we shared them. They saw our intimate love for Christ & His love for us.
 So 6 months from now we get to do it all again…I dislike this thorn..but understand the value of its platform which affords me in roads where death is the likely and for most who go there.

 My prayer continues to be for the diAgnosis to reflect what Gods WORD says about my healing from HIV. UNTIL the manifestation of such prayer I enjoy amazing good health and live out this healing from disease daily ..the cross has paid it full.

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But what do I know?

There comes a season in life when you glance at the days behind you and realize (life choices) are now a forever reality-perhaps a part of ones history but always there. Life is more than one- “once upon a time”. Once upon a time can become your forever and again.
  The final end to our choices, and the end of life’s potential; are by way of death. Death is the final determiner of lifes potential. Graveyards are filled with dead potential.
   Why then, is there such wastefulness among the living?
The trappings of earthly sensuality can prove to be our greatest distraction from eternal matters.
YOUR INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL is the God given gift imparted to us at the time of conception–We are known to God before we are created even in the womb.
  Today,tomorrow and the next day can be our new beginning–the new start–the fresh hope yesterday may seem to HAVE destroyed.
If only we would choose eternal values and walk in the shadow oF heavens hope–named Jesus. 
  Your and My potential has barley been tapped into–and I really think worldly distractions are a primary enemy.
   This is the defining differance of being a Holy Spirit led people or being bound to feelings, emotions, and worldy values.
I choose Jesus words and His provision–
  Christ is our –one more time- one more day–discover lifes potential within everyday from event to event–what a ride! What a life! Faith in Christ is a faithful path of endless hope.
  The best thing of all is that eternal life begins at the time when Christ fills your heart–each heartbeat thereafter is another opening to potential through faith. Faith in His promises. Jesus never lies..Jesus is the Father of truth.

When seeking Him before myself, I find myself with potential abundant.


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In whom do we identify?

bathrooms and their public usage seem to be the latest battle ground where once again we search for answers to who we are as a society and a people of rights and freedoms. the bottom line is this— In whom do you or I identify? do we perceive our sexual orientation through eyes of a female or male? Do we perceive our existence outside of what our bodies actually physical function is from birth? do we ALL accept our inner whims and desires and assimilate to any form or gender becoming the ultimate person we wish truly are to be? maddening–yet it seems biblical when one understands that Bible once again has foretold that in the end of times men would exchange the truth for a lie and/ that what seems right would actually be wrong–but enough preaching and teaching..
I re-call many adventures in bathrooms and bath houses per-say–during these dark times in my search for significance I re-call playing many roles and leading or following others into fantasy roles behind the doors of bathrooms–etc> yes it is ugly but I can not change the truth as this was a part of my past–thank god it is the past I speak of..
at any rate– In whom we identify is where we all get our start and find our end– at the end of our lives journey we will leave behind a legacy–It is my tireless goal to follow christ and His teachings regardless of the trials and or ups and downs–what I know is this– I have succeeded at becoming in his image to the degree that the Old man is long gone and it is now thirty years strong since being in the dark corners of alternative lifestyle choices. Whatever you believe–I can tell you– to follow the Words of Christ is –to live and not die– I have overcome many obstacles and challenges along the way–never has there been a time when I wished to return from where I have come.
sometimes I get fearful–yet I am reminded that In Him there ois greater strength and I can deny what my flesh may cry for–and can reach out for His arms and know a greater inner strength and see another day of happiness wholeness and Joy without wondering which bathroom I might want to be using today or tomorrow. confusion is another tool of Hellish trouble– I am no longer confused. heavens hope is there for anyone who may ask for it–Just ask– Jesus will tell you which bathroom to use next time you are at the mall and he will tell you greater mysteries if You welcome Him into your hearts.

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when panic sets in

During this day I have encountered numerous folks who were wanting to discuss—panic–its effects both physical and spiritual. While listening and sharing from my personal viewpoint, I was encouraged deep in my own heart.
If you have ever succumb to a panic episode or an anxiety attack then you can understand the far reaching negative effects that can prevail. I was reminded of my own journey out of a perpetual state of panic. For years I drugged my anxieties and resorted to sexual exploits that have left me to cope with the status of an HIV diagnosis for over twenty years. My heart was heavy for the person who spoke of their trial and I was reminded of my own season of daily struggles with anxiety. The sum total of my journey and the individual I listened to was that we both could agree that a Fathers blessing was often the missing link to normalcy and peace.
Today I share heavens hope from my personal love connection with Jesus. Today I have been filled with a personal peace that protects my heart and guards my steps.
What I wish to say tonight is this–when you give your heart to Christ for His presence to envelope your entire life; you can expect a ever present peace that hovers and covers you daily. the thought that God is alive within us and around us is so foreign to someone who is in the ties of anxiety. It is possible to be free from the torment of fear–but only through the author of peace.
Life does not exempt us from trials or the pain associated with loss. However- Through Christ it is possible to overcome the forces of despair and even be joy filled while going through those tougher times.It is good to be encouraged–it is better to encourage others.

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Depression was a long time friend who would hover over me like an old coat I could not part ways with. But no longer! From the moment I stepped out from darkness and took faith-filled steps into the light of
Christ–my heart has become Merry.
life continues to throw curve balls from time to time and the journey has had its pitfalls–but I can honestly say that the merry joy of Christ has never left me..not ever, not even when I was told i was HIV positive–not even when i first heard my newborn son would have handicaps..
NO there are not blue birds flying aorund my litlle head with stars glowing etc… I mean to say that there is this peace that has surpassed all understanding and because of this heaven-sent peace, my heart brims with a merry joy.
this Joy has replaced the disparaging words of others and my numerous failures at being a sane person in a world that often spins faster than me.
I wish I could develop a better discipline at this writing–perhaps I will.. one word at a time..
If you would like conversation– please respond– MAY THE PEACE OF GOD GUARD YOUR HEART AND MIND IN CHRIST JESUS AMEN! /c

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