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Depression was a long time friend who would hover over me like an old coat I could not part ways with. But no longer! From the moment I stepped out from darkness and took faith-filled steps into the light of … Continue reading

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PUT your light out here.

For each of us who are born again into Christ Jesus; we readily hear and understand that we are to be  a light source into dark places wherever we are. This biblical directive is often a challenge. Notice there is … Continue reading

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Still a Witness

It is hard to know just who or how many people read these blog entries, but it is clear much time has passed since any have been submitted. I write today because it is an outlet for hope that thoughts … Continue reading

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Prayer Works!

Praise God for His faithfulness! Since our last post, since we asked for your prayers on behalf of And Then Came Life, God has created connections in the publishing world only He could have put together. Continue reading

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Please pray!

Our publisher recommends sending out 300 to 500 such advance copies. Trouble is, neither Glenn nor I have the financial resources to fund a promotion of this size. So we’re asking for your prayers – specifically that God will multiply the 22 copies we have available to equal the impact of 300-500 books. Continue reading

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What Can Be Next?

Just a few more days separate us from the final edit process of And Then Came Life, and then onto print! My mind tries to grasp all this project means before our Lord and for what reasons He endorsed it, empowered us in it, provided every word and every person who has joined along the way, and for the birth of every page. Continue reading

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How Does God Lead Christian Authors?

Many fans and well-wishers have asked how God directed Robert and me through the writing of And Then Came Life. Over the years, some have offered words of encouragement motivating the book’s completion. Others have made prophetic statements about the book’s birth and God’s intended purpose for it. And yes, there have been discouraging words spewed from the lips of naysayers. Being a vessel for His story is really an honor by which I am fearfully aware of. No way could any of this have happened without Him or through Him. Much is ahead for Robert and me in Christ. The oppositions will arise, I suspect, but so will the blessing of His story of redemptive love and restorative power through His Son, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior! Continue reading

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