Depression was a long time friend who would hover over me like an old coat I could not part ways with. But no longer! From the moment I stepped out from darkness and took faith-filled steps into the light of
Christ–my heart has become Merry.
life continues to throw curve balls from time to time and the journey has had its pitfalls–but I can honestly say that the merry joy of Christ has never left me..not ever, not even when I was told i was HIV positive–not even when i first heard my newborn son would have handicaps..
NO there are not blue birds flying aorund my litlle head with stars glowing etc… I mean to say that there is this peace that has surpassed all understanding and because of this heaven-sent peace, my heart brims with a merry joy.
this Joy has replaced the disparaging words of others and my numerous failures at being a sane person in a world that often spins faster than me.
I wish I could develop a better discipline at this writing–perhaps I will.. one word at a time..
If you would like conversation– please respond– MAY THE PEACE OF GOD GUARD YOUR HEART AND MIND IN CHRIST JESUS AMEN! /c


About andthencamelife

Author of "And Then Came Life"
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  1. Anonymous says:

    i got glens name from a friend of mine who told me about his book as i had a sexual struggle in my life.i do have the victory and peace.

    • andthencamelife says:

      Hello johnlives4him…. thank you for your acknowledgment.. Be Blessed in your life journey and know you are loved and greatly cared for by Jesus. glenn

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