And Then Came Life
Based on a True Story

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On Meeting David Goldberg

January 25, 2010

During the five years Glenn and I spent writing And Then Came Life, the telling of David Goldberg’s story became amazingly personal, moreso than any fiction I’ve written. Almost daily, as Glenn emailed additional snippets of David’s life, as he revealed more and more about the troubled youth growing to adulthood, I came to know our protagonist as a true friend. It was a rare privilege, indeed.

Welcome to The 700 Club!

January 16, 2010

The true-life story of David Goldberg (not his real name) first appeared on The 700 Club more than 20 years ago. That short television segment told of David’s escape from his life of homosexual bondage into freedom in Jesus Christ, followed by a nurturing heterosexual marriage and family. Soon David’s longer story will appear in print. Watch for And Then Came Life at online and retail bookstores this Spring.

Why Did It Take 20 Years?

January 1, 2010

Since co-authoring the book, And Then Came Life, I am often asked, “why did it take you 20 years to get started?” My first answer is that the time-frame had less to do with what I wanted and more to do with God’s planning.