“To be honest, when I first produced and aired David Goldberg’s story 20 years ago for The 700 Club, I didn’t believe that any man could break free from homosexuality—and stay free.  I waited for the call that said he had fallen back…but it never came! Wrapped in the pages of his dark journey,  David speaks a message of HOPE to those struggling with “the lifestyle.”  His candid expose also gives rare insight to those “looking in” from the outside.  A masterful work.”

Ken Hulme

Senior Coordinating Producer

The 700 Club


“This is a sobering read.  And it is real.  From my 38 years of counseling experience, I know many readers will have a strong sense of identity with David, whether because of gender identity, sex addiction, substance abuse, being love-starved, lonely, or despairing.


“Many times this story weighed heavily on my spirit as David lived out such painful darkness.  But I challenge readers to look deeper than the depravity of his searching and catch the many astute insights into human nature and why we so often turn to destructive options to find meaning and personal fulfillment.  David’s story reveals the patient, persistent calling of God’s love and the power of Christ to deliver from the spirits of darkness.  This too is real.  May every reader discover the supernatural joy of living in Christ!”

Dr. Jim Parrish, D. Min., L.C.P.C.; Ordained Pastor & Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor; Doctor of Ministry, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois; President, Jim Parrish Counseling, P.C.


“And Then Came Life is a must-read book for every parent! It does an excellent job of dealing with the difficult topic of rejection.”


“Parents sometimes reject their children because they perceive them as being weak or non-athletic. Yet And Then Came Life shows us how this rejection can emotionally damage a child for life.


“We Christians tend to look down on people who have followed Satan’s lies and have fallen into the homosexual lifestyle. We forget that ALL HAVE SINNED! The sin of lying is no different than homosexual behaviors being a sin. Christians need to look at the person with the LOVE OF CHRIST. Remember, GOD hates the sin, BUT LOVES THE SINNER.


“This book reveals that GOD is still in the miracle, healing and deliverance business. Along with salvation comes wholeness.”

Tommy-Ray Walters, President, Lee County Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship in America.