when panic sets in

During this day I have encountered numerous folks who were wanting to discuss—panic–its effects both physical and spiritual. While listening and sharing from my personal viewpoint, I was encouraged deep in my own heart.
If you have ever succumb to a panic episode or an anxiety attack then you can understand the far reaching negative effects that can prevail. I was reminded of my own journey out of a perpetual state of panic. For years I drugged my anxieties and resorted to sexual exploits that have left me to cope with the status of an HIV diagnosis for over twenty years. My heart was heavy for the person who spoke of their trial and I was reminded of my own season of daily struggles with anxiety. The sum total of my journey and the individual I listened to was that we both could agree that a Fathers blessing was often the missing link to normalcy and peace.
Today I share heavens hope from my personal love connection with Jesus. Today I have been filled with a personal peace that protects my heart and guards my steps.
What I wish to say tonight is this–when you give your heart to Christ for His presence to envelope your entire life; you can expect a ever present peace that hovers and covers you daily. the thought that God is alive within us and around us is so foreign to someone who is in the ties of anxiety. It is possible to be free from the torment of fear–but only through the author of peace.
Life does not exempt us from trials or the pain associated with loss. However- Through Christ it is possible to overcome the forces of despair and even be joy filled while going through those tougher times.It is good to be encouraged–it is better to encourage others.


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Author of "And Then Came Life"
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