My recent hospital/doctoral visit.

As some readers may already be aware….I have now out lived most recent statistical medical information that indicates my life span on earth should have ended during the late 80,s..due to my POSITIVE HIV STATUS.

Praise God I am Still here full of purpose, joy & continued hope. My health is wonderful, especially for a man near 60. The doctors ponder & wonder at my good health & positive outlook.

  This story is about the 6 month blood sucking event I am obligated to—per Dr. Orders. My wife drives with our down syndrome/blessing son in tow. We navigate the parking, elevator, sickly crowds, and check in in smooth fashion. The famiar smells of antiseptic mixed with illness permeate the atmosphere. Even the most happy of person could easily be drawn into a quiet depression if it were not for the presence of the Holy Spirit.

 We wait our turn to sit before the gentle doctor who tries to convey care for me/us while holding her ground as to how bleak ALL will ultimately become day for me & my family. I despise her post in my life but loves her as Jesus does.

 It is a carousel of emotions! This visit had its surprisescas she first sent to the examination room a very young,handsome, intern. He entered the room unaware of how peculiar we/I am. I even think she set him lol his mission is to ascertain my order all purpose for being there and to identify any struggles I may be having. My wife greeted him but did not shake his hand. I watched her face as she was secretly wishing he go away and not know of us. I also sighed as i I know he is a student & comes with going to this type of institution. At first I sense it is additional struggle when I just want to go home & continue as if I have no diagnosis . but alas..he presses me for information & now I hear the Holy Spirit direct me to share my hope found in CHRIST. Now folks….keep in mind people are dying in the waiting room from the same diagnosis. Claim I am healed from in Jesus name & hope is limited to a pill and time. There is no earthly cure.

 So I proceed to serve him a full plate of Jesus Christ hope eternal

 FUN? No SCARED?yes even nausea set in..however…while I shared his eyes teared up as he heard a witness he nothing of. His collgeg exp. Gave him text books & boozy weekends. No there was no VISIBLE conversion, BUT he was salted with words I hang my daily health upon. The very hope of my time on earth is placed upon what happened at the cross. HECBORE OUR SICKNESSES AND DISEASE BY HIS STRIPES SE WERE HEALED! 

 The rest of the visit was a bluer…emotions, statistics, blood s a. mpling & a few prevention shots etc. When sitting in the car we rehashed the visit as if we had flown as mission over foreign land and we recounted how mAny folks we shared JESUS hope with…there were many…but here’s what we do not see when we suRe heavens hope with the world Found us. We do not see the thousands of souls our words will ever actually carry into the souls of others. Even if they did not agree with my source of hope..they heard the eternal words as we shared them. They saw our intimate love for Christ & His love for us.
 So 6 months from now we get to do it all again…I dislike this thorn..but understand the value of its platform which affords me in roads where death is the likely and for most who go there.

 My prayer continues to be for the diAgnosis to reflect what Gods WORD says about my healing from HIV. UNTIL the manifestation of such prayer I enjoy amazing good health and live out this healing from disease daily ..the cross has paid it full.


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One Response to My recent hospital/doctoral visit.

  1. Deborah Davis says:

    Hello Pastor. This is such a wonderful testimony! I encourage you to continue. As you say, you may not know how many lives you touch that even touches other lives. But our Father is keeping count. My daughter goes to the hospital. Only she goes for relief of pain periodically. Many won’t understand but she has been healed from sickle cell anemia. God told her whenever she goes in to the hospital from 2 years ago, it would not be for her. It would be for others. Every since then she has gone few times. It seems like sickle cell but turns out to be something else most of the time. Each time God has made it HIS platform for the lost. She talks with so many people that she meets. I feel that He takes what the enemy intends for theft, destruction, death and redeems those from the dark and painful (distraction). When they become the light, they in turn shares and shines just as you all have been given opportunity to do, time after time after time. Thank you for sharing your family’s beautiful adventures in Christ. Your family is miraculous because you all choose to allow God to make you miraculous in tune. Thank you much. You all remain in our hearts and prayers.
    Love you all,
    Deborah Davis

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