But what do I know?

There comes a season in life when you glance at the days behind you and realize (life choices) are now a forever reality-perhaps a part of ones history but always there. Life is more than one- “once upon a time”. Once upon a time can become your forever and again.
  The final end to our choices, and the end of life’s potential; are by way of death. Death is the final determiner of lifes potential. Graveyards are filled with dead potential.
   Why then, is there such wastefulness among the living?
The trappings of earthly sensuality can prove to be our greatest distraction from eternal matters.
YOUR INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL is the God given gift imparted to us at the time of conception–We are known to God before we are created even in the womb.
  Today,tomorrow and the next day can be our new beginning–the new start–the fresh hope yesterday may seem to HAVE destroyed.
If only we would choose eternal values and walk in the shadow oF heavens hope–named Jesus. 
  Your and My potential has barley been tapped into–and I really think worldly distractions are a primary enemy.
   This is the defining differance of being a Holy Spirit led people or being bound to feelings, emotions, and worldy values.
I choose Jesus words and His provision–
  Christ is our –one more time- one more day–discover lifes potential within everyday from event to event–what a ride! What a life! Faith in Christ is a faithful path of endless hope.
  The best thing of all is that eternal life begins at the time when Christ fills your heart–each heartbeat thereafter is another opening to potential through faith. Faith in His promises. Jesus never lies..Jesus is the Father of truth.

When seeking Him before myself, I find myself with potential abundant.



About andthencamelife

Author of "And Then Came Life"
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