TENT event

Recently I joined the ranks of other evangelists to speak of Gods love and work from out of my life walk in Him. There were many in attendance and the entire event was one of increased learning for me personally and otherwise, God was revealed in many ways–

The crowd was very diverse and each night had its own variety …

I entered the tenT each night with revered fear of the responsibility to only say what God desired and SPEAK with a great passion to inspire others to embrace god at greAter heights.  Unsure if this is what I had accomplished–

the last night rolled around quick enough– I was the last speaker and truthfully there was little to no time left for me to share-thankfully i was asked to close the meeting and with this opportunity I shared that God was the healer and by his stripes we are healed.

This short statement of faith ignited one little boys heart to step forward and ask if Jesus would and could heal him from an acute allergy and other issues.

With great big brown eyes he l;leaned in closely to ask me if God would and could heal him. I said God would and could!

We then joined before God to pray what gods words say on his behalf.

It was a special moment where a boy turned to God as his only source–his only hope– I saw how little I could do for him–I saw how small I was despite the position i had been afforded by others. At the determining moment in this little boys faith–the blood covering of Christ was the deciding point of difference. The little boy walked away hand and hand with his daddy/father and as he looked back at me I saw in his eyes that he received what the word of God  had said about his infirmity and his memory of me would fade away with each step he took– but the touch of God almighty would compel him from this moment on.

did I mention his daddy was  a pastor?

What a privilege to serve God and see HIS face touch the heart and soul of the wounded.. If only we all would reach out to Jesus through faith as this little boy did– his answers are ahead for the unfolding–today he can live with assurance that God heard him and by his stripes Jesus heals.

How great thou art!


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Author of "And Then Came Life"
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