About the Book

David was always different from his brothers. Born and raised in the midst of South Florida’s musical scene, he was marked a “sissy” and mocked by the neighborhood boys.

Introduced to gay nightlife, drugs, and reckless sexual escapades, he wonders if this is where he truly belongs, here in the arms of faceless strangers. As David wonders from one shadowy scene to another, stacking shame upon shame, he chooses to ignore the concerns of his estranged family and a mysterious, comforting voice. Does this heavenly voice truly care?

Is David, finally plagued by disease, destroying his life forever? Based on true events, David’s story is one of misadventure, selfish exploration, disappointment, and on going scandal, but throughout its entirety, redeeming hope…a divine hope for life’s of fresh beginning in a moment of surrender and choice.


Co-authors Glenn Greenstein and Robert Parrish are available for speaking about the book and its subject matter. Email Glenn at exhortjc@triad.rr.com or Robert at robertparrishwrites@gmail.com.


To receive your copy of the book And Then Came Life you may contact Glenn at exhortjc@triad.rr.com.


4 Responses to About the Book

  1. Anne Tufts says:

    Looking forward to reading your book Glenn. God has done amazing things. Let us know when it’s been released for sale, ok?

  2. erick blois says:

    good things come to those who listen to Gods unspoken words.we are so proud to know and love you.we can’t wait to read your book.taking leaps of faith is what you and our Lord Jesus do best.so leap away pastor and have NO fear,God has given you a sling and a stone.you are so blessed to be such a great general in Gods army.and we are so blessed to be a part of His crusade.you are a great servant to are Lord Jesus Christ.keep your mustard seed in one hand and your sword in the other and keep your heart open and receptive to Gods voice.TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART………

  3. Jody Belmonte says:

    Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the Author of our book, it is only Him who can make us new creations, your story is amazing your life is amazing, and I am glad to call you my brother. Thank you to Robert for helping to put it all down on paper, this is a message of hope and freedom to those in bondage, period. May they know that they are truely loved and can be made free from their torment, through Jesus Christ. I love you, my brother! Jody Belmonte

    • Thank you, Jody, for your encouraging comment! Yes, this is truly a book of hope and freedom to those in bondage. As you may have read in the endorsements, a Christian counselor will recommend the book to his clients dealing with addictions other than homosexuality.

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