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About My Testimony

Sometimes people wish to know how this testimony relates to the book, And Then Came Life. The 700 Club interview happened through a series of “unusual” events. After looking back on them all, I see how God planted the creation of His story in my life, even back then.
To have met Ken Hume (the video interviewer) and to have engaged his audience years 20+ ago was a great opportunity for blessing. It was said later by The 700 Club that public response to the video was overwhelming and impacted many people’s lives. Many gave their lives to the Lord the day the video aired. Continue reading

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How Does God Lead Christian Authors?

Many fans and well-wishers have asked how God directed Robert and me through the writing of And Then Came Life. Over the years, some have offered words of encouragement motivating the book’s completion. Others have made prophetic statements about the book’s birth and God’s intended purpose for it. And yes, there have been discouraging words spewed from the lips of naysayers. Being a vessel for His story is really an honor by which I am fearfully aware of. No way could any of this have happened without Him or through Him. Much is ahead for Robert and me in Christ. The oppositions will arise, I suspect, but so will the blessing of His story of redemptive love and restorative power through His Son, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior! Continue reading

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The Struggles of an Author

What struggles have we encountered during the process of writing this book? Patience is the key. Stories may bubble and fester within one’s heart for many years, but sharing them in their fullest takes committed tenacity while trying to stay true to their reality. God spoke the title, And Then Came Life, into my heart more than 20 years ago. I was certain the story would be told and there would be additional books that would follow, but I could never imagine how this literary project would occur or when. Continue reading

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