In whom do we identify?

bathrooms and their public usage seem to be the latest battle ground where once again we search for answers to who we are as a society and a people of rights and freedoms. the bottom line is this— In whom do you or I identify? do we perceive our sexual orientation through eyes of a female or male? Do we perceive our existence outside of what our bodies actually physical function is from birth? do we ALL accept our inner whims and desires and assimilate to any form or gender becoming the ultimate person we wish truly are to be? maddening–yet it seems biblical when one understands that Bible once again has foretold that in the end of times men would exchange the truth for a lie and/ that what seems right would actually be wrong–but enough preaching and teaching..
I re-call many adventures in bathrooms and bath houses per-say–during these dark times in my search for significance I re-call playing many roles and leading or following others into fantasy roles behind the doors of bathrooms–etc> yes it is ugly but I can not change the truth as this was a part of my past–thank god it is the past I speak of..
at any rate– In whom we identify is where we all get our start and find our end– at the end of our lives journey we will leave behind a legacy–It is my tireless goal to follow christ and His teachings regardless of the trials and or ups and downs–what I know is this– I have succeeded at becoming in his image to the degree that the Old man is long gone and it is now thirty years strong since being in the dark corners of alternative lifestyle choices. Whatever you believe–I can tell you– to follow the Words of Christ is –to live and not die– I have overcome many obstacles and challenges along the way–never has there been a time when I wished to return from where I have come.
sometimes I get fearful–yet I am reminded that In Him there ois greater strength and I can deny what my flesh may cry for–and can reach out for His arms and know a greater inner strength and see another day of happiness wholeness and Joy without wondering which bathroom I might want to be using today or tomorrow. confusion is another tool of Hellish trouble– I am no longer confused. heavens hope is there for anyone who may ask for it–Just ask– Jesus will tell you which bathroom to use next time you are at the mall and he will tell you greater mysteries if You welcome Him into your hearts.


About andthencamelife

Author of "And Then Came Life"
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