The Rights of Mankind–

How is it that we have come to suppose that mankind can re-shape what God says, or even ignore what God says through establishing new-found rights within our society?

When was it that mankind’s flesh decided that the right to pursue the lust filled desires of mankind’s flesh were above Gods words?

We live with these questions and more now–we now wait to see the outcome of newly established rights being endorsed among st our society and accepted as the newest normal.

How did a PARTNERSHIP become the re-formed definition of what MARRIAGE is? Perhaps litigation involving divorce is a factor in the delusion of what marriage in GODS SIGHT actually is..

The questions will mark us forever–societal & political choices will determine many shifts in the heavenlies as GOD determines what is next and best for us as a society of compromise against His words.

We stand in His shadow daily–but many think God either approves of our alternative lifestyle choices or we think God is no longer interested in us and our lifestyle choices. Either way–

We changed forever as a country who once was established upon His precepts and followed under one god.

The family is now re-defined and the outcome will be seen over time..perhaps sooner than later.

For me and my household–we will serve the Lord and See Him first, this determiner will have challenges as the words of mankind define the majority..

Hold fast to his words and see Him determine great and mighty things.


About andthencamelife

Author of "And Then Came Life"
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