By faith—

When thinking of what and where I would be without faith; the ending is bleak at best. The outcome of no faith is utter darkness.

How queer it is that faith can be obscure when the shadows of trials and troubles creep up. Faith is always there–it is always true–if in fact faith is placed upon the divine word of God and no other source.

All I know is that faith is the thread of hope I find each day I awake–faith that God is still in love with me despite what i did or did not do the previous day. Faith is the stepping stone to anything and fulfillment. Faith is a condition–a standard–an easy breezy manner of living into the promises of heaven.

Faith is the lifeline beyond the cutting short comings of a daily routine in a world that is marred by sin and selfishness. Faith is the great escape!

Through faith I am able to see –I view my life with hope that surpasses doctoral care..and the words of a second grade little girl who said I was a sissy once upon a time. Faith brings me into life beyond the labels that once controlled my thuoghts and every step.

My nights are no longer filled with soiled sheets from faceless lovers–because faith is found within me to reach beyond the trappings of continued self annihilation.

Steal not a mans faith! Touch not a mans faith–faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things unseen.

i praise God for faith in Him that frees me from performance and all that is temporary.

Be encouraged– unleash your faith if not just a mustard seed.. release your faith–it is within each of us–perhaps a little voice of hope–but it is there to be grown into flames of possibility. Grasp Gods intentions for you and SEE.


About andthencamelife

Author of "And Then Came Life"
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