Forget the former things–Isaiah 43:18-21

Whats on my mind? Whatever lies ahead! Faith sees!

The dilemma I face, you may as well; is that the past is never very far away. The scripture in Isaiah 43: 18 says, “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. 19- See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? for years I have enjoyed these verses as they have welcomed me to turn away from what once was and look ahead to what will be–according to my heavenly Fathers plans and not my own.

Daily I speak of God and His touch upon my life with continued fervor. The past has become a mere reflection of the way I have come over the years gone by. Once upon a time my life was entrenched within the homosexual community and with this lifestyle came all the extras, including drug use. Additional; behaviors included extreme promiscuity and a long wake of lives turned upside down from lie after lie.

The past for me suggests failures and turmoils within and without. today my life reflects and peaceful completion through the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit–some folks say this is impossible and they could be right if it had not been for my acceptance of His grace. You can do all things through Christ Jesus!

Now I live as a heterosexual man happily married to Godly woman–28 yrs. and father to a son of 25 years.

When scripture says we should forget the former things–it means much more than casting down one thought. It is telling us to dwell within His words about us and to join Christ in an intimate journey leaving behind the things we once turned to for significance and were once established in. Before Christ my story was one of reckless choices. Now i follow his pathway.

The past is ever present when I go to speak before crowds of His grace filled acceptance. the past is there in my reflections of where I have come from but it is not the way I continue to go.

My faith sees–it sees the things that are not yet and my faith grasps the words of God over my life and lives of my loved ones. It is by grace I am saved and through faith I am enabled to journey out from a torrid past.

To forget the past is to dwell in his arms today and forever. You give up the one for another. The past can not be redone–there are no do overs. You can however become all He has promised today and the future can be bright full of heavens hope.

I tell this story whenever i can but I live a day at a time seeking more of His presence and the past is forgotten. The abuse I experienced growing up and the abuse I inflicted upon others is behind me now–so today I choose again and again to trust Him with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding.

The world is changing around my life and it tries to tell me that the past is now an acceptable way of living, but the word of God does not agree. So now I find  myself on the side of life giving grace and a life filled with more controversies. The world will judge one way–but the word tells another story. My story is what God intended from the first and while it may flag in the face of liberals/ non-believers or others– it is true.

I am made whole– I am redeemed and he desires to set free those who would turn their hearts towards  Him and forget the past–see He springs up a new thing!  oh yeah- you can not perceive it..

Choice life– choice Christ! he is drug free!


About andthencamelife

Author of "And Then Came Life"
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