PUT your light out here.

For each of us who are born again into Christ Jesus; we readily hear and understand that we are to be  a light source into dark places wherever we are. This biblical directive is often a challenge. Notice there is no–if you want to–or when it is convenient for you–or at the most opportune time and place. No–We are to be a continual source of the light of Christ no matter where and when. Being a light is not even about being bold! some folk use the reasoning that they are not  a speaker or they feel incapable of telling their story to others.

The light of Christ is more often demonstrated from our actions and our resistance to responding to a world darkened by selfishness.

Yesterday I was able to hand out more copies of my book-And Then Came Life— I offer warning to the potential reader of its content as it is a story full of true tales from my walk in great darkness into marvelous light unto this day.

The recipient of the book often is very polite and they try to appear as though they understand the stories twisted content could be difficult to read , but it is later when they finish the book that I hear their thoughts and share in thier tears due to  His touch upon my life..  we can impart hope and help to those who know not what they do.


The story-line is about Jesus revealing His fatherly love into my heart and His welcomed intervention at a time when my life was at its lowest. The light is about how I came away from daily perversity into a lifestyle of freedom from darkness. The words are inked on pages for all to review and critique but the truest source of light comes from daily decisions to care for others.

You do not have to write a book–you must live your life as though you are a book of his presence. Allow the world to see

heavens hope through our care and His truth. Be a light! be love–Be care–be an ear that listens..


About andthencamelife

Author of "And Then Came Life"
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