dying to self

My craft requires me to be present as I perform it. Physically I can not remove myself from the finished product and while it is enjoyable to be part of peoples improved image enhancement threw hair care—I sometimes wish I could fade away that they might really see how good all things are that come down from our father of heavenly lights. Yes_ even a hair style. LOL

serving others is an amazing way to express His love and care for us individually.


In my case I serve the public at large–and on more a coherent level I serve persos


Thank God He is faithful–There is a blessing power in serving others. I think on how Jesus carved out table legs and made wooden items for households long before the familiar story of the cross. There is a season to serve and for me the years march on–

The untold stories of lifetime struggles are carried in each person many times hidden from view. When serving each other we prepare a pathway to intimacy and trust. Find your way into service without regard for return and discover the blessings that come within it

all —- must be served with love from above–and of course in truth.


About andthencamelife

Author of "And Then Came Life"
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