Kept By The Spirit 1 John 3:24 “And Then Came Life”

1 John 3: 24= We know that He abides in us by the Spirit whom He has given us.


“A boat doesn’t sink because it is in the waters; it sinks because the water gets in it.

In the same way, Christians don’t fail to live Godly lives because they are in the world; they fail because the world has gotten inside them.

Little by Little the world can creep into us through cracks of compromise. We become pre-occupied with the things of this world, rather than the things of Christ. We can even blame organized religion of dissuading us against a god-embraced lifestyle. The church is not our monster–per-say–no, it is our carnality/personal that drives desire to live as we choose that often overrides even sensible choices let alone God choices–  Holiness is not permitted to abide within us as we continually choose dark choices–even if they are small at the first they  become growths of rebellion against god and mankind. Excellence takes a back seat to showing out and showing off ones ability to say things freely-with little concern for the feelings of others.

Daily I witness varied displays of lack luster behaviors that seem to have random freedom as our society is awash in what seems right in the eyes of man– into what is not right–into whatever whenever mentality. Without the rudder of the Holy bible to guide us through the simplest of activities– one wonders at what is ahead for us as a civilized society.

I am not referring to rules and regulations from any particular doctrinal viewpoint, no- simply kindness–goodness-laying aside ones own right for another s–charity–speaking a kind word before saying any word that could possibly offend the ears of others-speaking life…not death-stuff like that. ONLY to name a few.

The cracks of compromise can be plugged . Thank God grace covers all–but it is important that repentance is not forgotten. To be in right, standing with God–repentance is key. We all have sinned and fall short of His Glory- compromise can emerge in small amounts, and always grows without being stopped by change. Repentance is the beginning of all change that is to become HOLY.

Don’t be sunk by the world–loose a friend if you must, but gain a life of Gods embrace through right living and following His example.

I often say, “But what do I know?” the truth is I know little theologically –what I know comes from hard knocks and turning away–My life in Christ has evolved from turning away from the things I did as a child and while some things were perhaps not such big stuff– others were insurmountable as i am always reminded by nay-sayers.

Once upon a time my– life time– there dwelt a great darkness which rooted deep within my heart and emotions. My actions reflected an abandonment of what was kind and gentle and over time I grew militant in my world view and a deepened disdain for godly things which crept up from my soul. I lived a most carnal lifestyle, pursuing sexual adventures at every moment leaving a path of brokenness, abuse, and empty hearts and beds behind me. The need for chemical effect replaced any semblance of Holy peace and one could have judged me lost forever. It seemed the only truth i became–LOST. The embrace of strangers and faceless liaisons was the norm in my life and there was no clear way out.

Fast froward===free free-I now enjoy a constant peace from above that encourages me ahead and provides safety in a dark world. I thrive— living is a  whole lot cleaner under His care daily and even when on lookers say–NO– I can say yes yes.

Some old habits occasionally cry out for attention–like old addictions such as fowl language–old addictions– caring less for others–but they are outside of me. Like tall waves that try to batter a shoreline. The difference is I am adopted by a savior through grace, who has paid in full any cost for life and i move in his empowerment to say no to the world and yes to His voice. Sometimes i make mistakes and for this there is grace and again repentance..but i know nothing can remove me from his loving arms–nothing can separate me from him.. and through Him I can be a light into a dark place without being in  fellowship to darkness in order to try to win it over.

Darkness has not a friend–the Father of lies would try to convince us that the smallness of things that are dirty do not matter–but i have discovered that long before the flood of hell comes the cracks of compromise.

for me and my house we will serve the Lord–even when that means i give up the right to shove my way in front of a line–exercises rage–curse like a fish wife- or be part of any method that would appear evil. the world hungers for what is good–

I pray goodness and mercy will emanate from your life daily–Is this so much? maybe–but then again Jesus paid it all..

Just saying–high road is always best.





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