The Present of His Presence Ps. 21:6

Blessings to you!

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PS. 21:6 , SAYS, “Surely you have granted him eternal blessings and made him glad with your presence.”

This scripture came to life this past week while serving an elderly woman I will call by the name of , “Alice”. We met in my business and her need was clearly hair care. Often I will remind people that what I do is my craft–and who I am is something altogether different. In performing hair artistry over the past thirty years I have had chances to meet really amazing folks–some are more memorable than others but Miss Alice really impacted both my heart and spirit.

I wish to tell her story she calls, ‘”her present”.

When she arrived I observed a petite woman who hung to the arm of one of her daughters. Both daughters were very cautious with her as she navigated my doorway. It was readily apparent that miss Alice was very elderly yet very very beautiful. She glowed! This smallish woman filled the room with a joy and charm that changed the atmosphere instantly.

She would not like it if I over emphasized her–but it is what it is–she was delightful!

She sat in my styling chair for a hopeful hair service–not to make her look younger–no no–she wished to look her best. Old people have always been a puzzle to me and the chance to speak with them has always been interesting as they contain lifetime stories of yesterday but also view today with clarity and candor that younger people by-pass for the sake of courtesy etc.

As i worked to perfect her shining grey hair for her special occasion I could not resist asking her what the occasion was for. he explained the new-do– was for her 95th birthday. I was stunned! Here sat a woman almost twice my years who was radiant and joyful! I had to find out why–and how.

So I tried to use a polite back door approach and asked what she desired for a birthday present. She studied me for a moment as to say, “should I tell you?” then she curled her index finger to my chin and asked me to come close to her whispers so I and I alone could her of her secret wish.

Her tact captivated me. Miss Alice said that she received the greatest gift ever at her 94th birthday and she did not think she would ever need anymore presents. No matter how much longer she lived here on earth. I begged for her story like a child but my heart beat with anticipation for what truths she had discovered on that fine day.

She explained that she was sweeping her front porch anticipating company. As she swept the wooden planks she mused over their weathered appearance and likened them to herself. The house and she had been together for many many years. Alice swept slowly and wondered about God her Father. She paused to ask of him with eyes fixed towards heaven. Alice asked for the present of His presence. Alice had nothing more she needed from life- she had nothing more that was missing–she inventoried her life from the brittle planks beneath her feet and realized gratefulness and thanksgiving. So she asked God for the gift of His presence.

In a moment she heard a small voice from within her heart that said, “Alice I am with you always”. No harm will befall you. The solemn voice went on to say, “you will feel my hugs, when you do–tuck and roll.”

As Alice told me this, I wondered if I was being shagged by her humor, but her tears said otherwise. She was revealing an intimate encounter to me with regard to her savior. Then she said that all the sudden she tucked her head and began to roll down the concrete stair steps and piled on the lower ground in front of the porch she was sweeping.

Family members emerged from within the house alarmed and ready to call an ambulance. But as soon as they tried to lift Alice from the ground–she began to laugh and twinkle as never before. She explains to this day,  that her gift from God was His presence and that there will be no more need for anything else as long as she will remain on earth.

It is a gentle story in a time of murderous deeds and chaotic untruths in our world. I have shared it in the hopes that perhaps someone reading will turn towards heaven and ask for more of Father Gods Presence. When speaking to a person of 95 years you either drop what they say in the bucket of dis-belief or you embrace their honesty as fresh water on dry ground.

Miss Alice blessed me this week and I am reminded of all I need. All anyone needs is the presence of Jesus daily–moment to moment. He is as close as the mention of His name.

I will take Alice and her story with me when  see my doctor on Friday for the check up–when I welcome my son home from his workplace- when I serve the public this week and attempt to make a living. His presence promises us fullness of joy.

Once upon a  time I was a suicidal mess and lost within chemical addictions and promiscuous adventures. Today I have hope upon hope and life is so full and blessed.

Be encouraged– the presence of God is there for you— just ask. Alice did.

Blessings to you Glenn David


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