Embrace this God life! Mark 11:22-25(msg)Change is in the air..heart.and mind.

Wow! the atmosphere changed overnight as cool mist has filled all around, above, and throughout.

When I awoke this morning my feet hit the floor with praise to God for giving me one more day in his plans.. my family sat on the front porch waiting for me to stir up and join them. My coffee waited on my front porch table.

I seek his face and find Him readily available for comfort and assurance that this day is under his rule and out of the hands of the dark enemy I once danced with.

This Blog is not for anyone’s approval–not for arguing–not for condemning or condoning others–it is an attempt to allow folks from everywhere to see first hand what is up and down in the life of a 56 yr old man who is in love Jesus and has found Jesus loves him even more–it is  a story-line of ups and downs from out of darkness that was at one time the only kingdom I ever knew of. My activities without Christ as the central core of my spirit and heart were results of painful rejections and the pursuit of fathers blessing.

Not a day goes by that I do not remember or recall his greatness and if I slip into selfish thoughts and get misguided by the pressures of my days challenges he is there to bring me closer and his voice is ever-present.

No longer is my life all about one issue–it is a life walk in Jesus that flourishes and thrives in every aspect.

I am thankful for great health despite the doctors ongoing nay saying results and I am thankful for the family He has blessed me with. Thankfulness is where I am today and despite what I can not see– I do see what He says as viable consult–as valid guidance–as concrete information and truth that never lets me down.

My day is not just about not being a man trapped inside a homosexual lifestyle . I marvel at how ‘different my life is from long ago to today. Trials are still present and I am going to begin to stand the wall of watching and declare His word with increased diligence through this blog opportunity.

As I write I wonder whom might read it–who will care–if anyone?

But this I know–while my voice may appear to be very small in the world of information– It is a voice that reflects freedom from the chains of a lifetime of loss and desperate relationships that no longer have a hold of me and my heart.

some will inspect my words and disbelieve but My care is for those whom may search for freedom from a broken heart–bruised spiritual wounds–from events of despairing times that have led them to choices they now live with daily.

the word says that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN THE CHRIST JESUS.  and this I love daily.

So there it is–the beginning of my Blog life–long overdue!

Married to a lovely lady for 28 years–father to a special son– some successes some failures along the way.

I live with the curse of HIV and still believe for healing/release from its grasp due to what Gods word says. Stay tuned and watch what comes next.

For those who are haters–welcome ,and for those who are lovers of His word–welcome.

If you are searching for a story of real life miraculous deliverance—-welcome..

I will be as candid and transparent AS POSSIBLE..





About andthencamelife

Author of "And Then Came Life"
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