God is Faithful!

So very much has happened since our last post! During the Fall our publisher, www.american-book.com, emailed with an offer to buy the remaining 15 copies of our book then in print, as well as full publishing rights…all for the minor sum of $850 or so.

But as Glenn says, “finances were tight as Tupperware.” Neither of us could fund the opportunity so we regretfully let it pass. Nonetheless, God is so faithful!

On Christmas Eve Glenn phoned saying a blessed client in his chair at the salon had read our book, and had learned of the withering opportunity to own our book rights completely. Moved by the Holy Spirit, wonderful Frances volunteered to buy our books and publishing rights.

By this time, however, the 15 copies of our book had been donated; yet the publishing rights remained available. Our publisher was still agreeable, Frances continued under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and before the New Year arrived, her check had been sent, ensuring the ongoing availability of And Then Came Life through Glenn and Robert.

By the end of January Glenn and I received a letter from our publisher conveying full publishing rights to our title, and the working files for both cover art and interior pages. Praise God for His Faithfulness!


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