5 Cs of Addiction

While studying the pathway of addictions I learned first-hand that It is an insidious road to separateness from God. When first tempted, we are never told about the ramifications of giving ourselves over to lusts and objects of pleasure outside of God’s intimate purpose for our lives.

When temptations appear, they typically come as gleaming opportunities offering escape from the pain, the loneliness, and other circumstances with which we are struggling. The world is filled with these opportunities and the art of saying no is fast becoming a thing of past.

It was noted during my study that addictions become consuming markers by which we idolize objects, persons, or things outside the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I discovered 4 Cs in the realm of temptation, all leading to addiction:


Like Eve, we compromise what God says and begin sliding the slippery slope into places forbidden to us by God’s Word. Once compromise is accepted, it quickly grows into the soul of man and darkness has found its dry spot to lay hold and develop roots. We must not waiver in our love for God’s Word and stand firm in what He says about who we are and what He desires out of our lives. We must run the course with continued steadiness and persevere through His loving Holy Spirit.

Consummation is the next step to addiction. It serves two kinds of pleasure – the initial result from assimilation. This could be a person or thing that is forbidden. It could be food or drugs or sex or more. The point is, when we consume these things the wrong of them disappears from view, from our minds and, we think, from God.

The object of our affection is consumed within us physically, emotionally and spiritually. The result of this consummation is the outcome of compromise, and can be seen in many manifestations outwardly. What we pursue drives us away from God and His safety. While we continue to taste from the forbidden; our hearts and minds darken as the object, substance, person or thing takes over our lives

At this stage addiction is birthed into compulsion. Life without the now-addictive habit seems impossible. All that we do and focus on becomes intertwined with our new lifestyle of choice. We become connected to persons who enjoy the same darkness. Eventually we are compelled to stay in a perpetual condition of gratification through the thing that originally seemed momentary and harmless.

The losses begin to mount around us and there begins a wake of devastation throughout our lives in relationships and tangible loss. Yet in spite of this we sink to another level. Our addiction eventually requires total commitment in order to thrive, leaving behind the reality of life God had originally planned for us

Commitment is the final line where we give all we have over to the pursuit of the pleasures we once only tasted. Relationships become narrowed down to those who join us and those who oppose us. It is with determined fervor that we pursue our habit and life itself begins to mirror a new set of morals. Our values are now seen only through our addiction, whether chemical or otherwise. The thing that brings our pleasure is now an idol long since placed above all else within our hearts. We stand frim in our pleasures, thinking they offer us the only hope we have. This is where the darkness grips us deeply.

Commitment also leads to the complete rejection of God. We turn from His perfect plans for us, and turning back from our addiction will require total intervention by way of His truth and His love. Some people fall back in love with Jesus, while others reject Him even further.

This, then, is my caution: Commit your hearts to the things above and find joy unspeakable. There IS joy is doing what is right according to God’s Word. There IS life in following Jesus that goes beyond the momentary ease of disobedience.

Today there is good fruit hanging off the branches of my life that had to be pruned through acceptance of God’s plans for my life in Him. Surrendering to His direction and guidance in the Holy Spirit was my first step to fulfillment everlasting.

In the beginning I only at the first steps and kept a heavenly perceptive as the climb away from where and who I had become seemed far too hard. Turning back on my commitment to homosexuality had to be the first change. Without knowing the pathway, without knowing how hard it would be, I determined to change one day at a time through Christ’s teachings and loving intimacy. This was the reverse of many years of toil and struggle, yet it started so simply in in a moment of re-dedication to God through Jesus, His Son. I embarked on the road of healing from accumulated years of debauchery and alternative lifestyle pleasures that harmed both myself and others.

Today I am back at the place of determined choice – to compromise or not! In life there are always choices and compromises. This is where the birth of right or wrong begins – temptation is the doorbell we all answer. This is where God’s Word stands between darkness and light.

It IS possible to return to Jesus anytime. It IS possible to become filled with His power and be whole, even if your life has been derailed for years. Through Him all things are possible, so choose Life! Live free in Him who has no record of wrong.

When I first accepted compromise and went far from His reach, I did not consider the many losses that lay ahead. The darkness does not hold me at night anymore. Now I am embraced each moment by His loving touch and am very thankful to Jesus, for His hugs are enduring forever.

If you read this and are in a trap where you once started by compromise, give your Lord Jesus the chamce to eradicate the darkness and cut away the bondage of compulsions which consume you daily.

There IS hope and it is found in Him who loves you every day forever. He never fails us and with him all things are possible. Ask Him to save you! He will! He has more than enough love for all who come to Him as Lord and Savior.


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