Still a Witness

It is hard to know just who or how many people read these blog entries, but it is clear much time has passed since any have been submitted. I write today because it is an outlet for hope that thoughts on the computer screen can somehow account for what all God is doing in the lives of others through this revealing story called “And Then Came Life.’

The completed book remains available on and, to our knowledge, is still offered at Recently we were informed the book became available in electronic format on sites such as Kindle and Nook. However, there were glitches in the conversion process.

I was pondering the many glitches this project faced over its writing, and while I have little experience in writing a book until now; it is strangely peculiar at how often Robert and I faced adversity in its creating process. We would write and write and there would be obstacles from every direction that tried to impede the final book’s birth.

I do not recall hindrances such as writer’s block or perhaps laziness. NO — the obstacles have all come from the outside of Robert and I, and have all presented opportunity for a greater patience within the cog of publishing and the process of printing and with unseen persons who we never actually met in person.

Even though the book remains publicly available, neither Robert nor I have any idea what it has all accomplished – not monetarily – not spiritually – not in any direct way.

This stunning observation of the obstacles we faced makes me consider why I wrote it. Questions of whether it really matters, or if I had basically lost touch with God’s voice and created something that was not of Him, seem to beg for answers. Maybe I am disillusioned?

Just when I begin to consider calling a truce and never speaking of the book again, there came an unexpected opportunity to speak to someone about the literature and its content that directly benefits their situation.

So many people struggle with their sexual identity. So many family members grapple with what to do with loved ones who have chosen alternative lifestyles. Daily, it seems, I confront the worldly court on this issue and the information is so slanted in favor of the gay lifestyle I sometimes feel as though I should hide away and never awake again. The world is gone mad in confusion, it seems.

Where is God’s Word in all the lifestyle changes we realize, both as a nation and directly in our homes?

It is then I am reminded I am not sent to save anyone, and the personal story of my life matters only to those who have been closest to me and my witness in Christ. It is then I am found to be sharing from a perspective not often heard from, and while it seems there is no one else spekaing on the topic, there actually is.

Recently the mother of man who is in a gay relationship filled with sorrows and troubles shared her concerns before me as if I were some guru and could somehow change it all with refined understanding,

After all was said and done, I simply shared with her what I had experienced through Christ’s intervention in my heart, and I gave way to His words as if they were honey poured over her head. She wept deeply, then smiled for the first time in years. This mother left prepared to love her son as never before, and while he may live in a manner that she finds distasteful and not pleasing to her senses, she can love him now through the eyes of her Savior. She repented of having cast her son aside.

Jesus NEVER TURNS AWAY PEOPLE – they turn away from Him.

A few days ago I ran out of business cards for the book. I realized that somehow I had given out over 500 hundred of them. Where are they? How did they change anything or anyone?

I received a few reports from people who read the book, but mostly it is all quiet. There is still the post office box God told me to secure, but it sits empty. I have no reports of speaking engagements because of the book’s reality and have never seen a penny from its existence.

Robert and I have drifted but are sill together from the heart. Life continues and none of the potential backlash I ever feared has come to pass. What has grown is the world’s belief is that being a homosexual is actually an acceptable way of life in the sight of God. This is stunning!

I understand that gays or lesbians can buy a baby and manage a child, or be in relationship with someone of choice. I get it, but to say that the Bible is untrue and that God makes exceptions for homosexuality because it is so hard to say no is another untruth I can not accept.

Certainly life presents challenges that are more difficult for some than for others. To say no to pleasures is tough. I know that from personal experience. But saying yes to what we deem gives us happiness and calling it more important than God’s will is really debauched.

To accept His great pleasure is a wonderful lifestyle that has never failed me personally and I will never go back.

The truth is I am now free from homosexuality and its trappings for over 25 years! Why no one wants to hear about it, or so it seems, is beyond me, but such as it is. I am telling it still to whoever will hear it. the book.

“And Then Came Life” is but a blip in my life walk with Christ, yet my brother, Robert, and I agree it will somehow bring Heaven’s hope to others. What is more important is that the ‘book” each of us lives daily is read out clearly before God and man. Long after the funeral car is gone, our legacy is the reference to the life we lived.

I continue to choose Christ as a heterosexual man married to a wonderful woman and father of a wonderful son. Life is good. God is good. Love, Glenn.

PS: Yesterday I brought a cup of water to a client in the business where I work. She took the water with one hand and in the other hand she held my book! We did not know each other and she did not know it was me who had told the story that my brother, Robert, wrote with perfection. It was a stunning moment of truth! Clearly, “And Then Came Life” still serves as God wants it to.

The end??


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