Prayer Works!

[Today’s post is by Robert.]

Praise God for His faithfulness! Since our last post, since we asked for your prayers on behalf of And Then Came Life, God has created connections in the publishing world only He could have put together.

Turns out, Glenn’s pastor personally knows the founder of our publisher, American Book Publishers ( The pastor, himself, is a published author, so he understands our process of getting this book out to the world. And the pastor has agreed to put And Then Came Life in the church bookstore when it releases August 30.

In addition, God has provided Launch Media & Marketing to promote the book, as well as create websites for the book and for Glenn’s speaking ministry. Again, praise God!

Now the task is to get the book into the hands of homosexual recovery ministries and Christian media in New Orleans where the biggest gay pride bash of the year takes place every Labor Day weekend.

Please continue praying for God to empower this book to bring people to Jesus, to help them escape the bondage to homosexual sex and sin.


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3 Responses to Prayer Works!

  1. Connie Bohrer says:

    Wow, I am not a person who is ever at a lost for words, but this is very powerful reading. I meet Glenn about 4 weeks ago, by devine intervention. I was driving down the interstate and prayering while driving. I had a bad hair experience of the ” third kind” a very bad perm, by a woman at the time who was giving the perm that kept telling me about all the nervous breakdowns she had in the past and I did not listen to my inner voice that said” Run Run why are you letting her give you this perm?” But even then I just knew it was what God wanted me to do. It was all part of his plan. So back to me in the car praying while driving down the road. the Lord said pull off at the next exit and go to where I tell you to turn and go inside and ask if they have someone that can repair your damaged hair? So I did as I was directed. But before I did this the Lord said to forgive the lady that had done the perm, and move on and release the negative thoughts I was having, about tying her to a chair and perming her hair as she had perrmed me! So after I prayed and gave it over to the Lord, I walked into a Hair salon to discover Glenn!!!! and so the story begins. Because, the Lord has a plan for me and the Lord wanted me to enter this Salon he wanted me to talk to Glenn and take my message to the next level. You see I have a powerful story the Lord wants me to share with others and Glenn was holding the directions and map. Yes, the Lord God is powerful, loving and loves us on ” bad hair days” he loves us anyway we come to him, for he sees our inner soul and is always faithful. Blessings

    • Robert says:

      Hi, Connie – how cool you found this book “very powerful reading.” And thank you SO MUCH for sharing your amazing, God-directed appointment with Glenn. Of course, God is always good and has given you a brand new hair stylist!


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