Please pray!

[Today’s post is by Robert.]

The official release date of And Then Came Life is August 30, 2010. That’s the day before gay pride’s biggest festival begins in New Orleans. It’s our prayer God will use this book mightily to rescue men and women from “the lifestyle.”

As you know, advance copies are now ready for Glenn and me to begin sending to the media promoting the book to gays and lesbians, and to Christian counselors, pastors, and believers in Jesus who want to better understand their homosexual friends and family members.

Our publisher recommends sending out 300 to 500 such advance copies. Trouble is, neither Glenn nor I have the financial resources to fund a promotion of this size. So we’re asking for your prayers – specifically that God will multiply the 22 copies we have available to equal the impact of 300-500 books.

Call our 22 books the “5 loaves and 2 fishes” of And Then Came Life. Both Glenn and I know without doubt that God led us to tell this story, and we’ve seen His blessing time and time again. So it is with absolute confidence we press forward. We cannot falter now. We cannot let the lack of human resources hinder what God has divinely begun.

Please join us in praying that God will use And Then Came Life for His purposes, propelled by His power. And that we all will see Him at work in this endeavor.


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