Advance Copies Are Here!

[Today’s post is by Robert.]

Praise God, the advance copies for And Then Came Life are now here! Glenn and I received ours this past weekend and celebrated with our wives. Then we dedicated the ongoing marketing efforts in prayer to our Lord. Truly He is faithful!

If you have media contacts – Facebook, newspaper, radio, television, Twitter – who are willing to interview Glenn or myself about the book, please comment here or email me at

Clearly, we are excited about what God will do next through this book. Please join us in spreading the word.


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2 Responses to Advance Copies Are Here!

  1. CCarroll Rutland says:

    How do we get copies?

    • The book officially releases August 30, 2010. That is the date is will appear in bookstores, on,, and other online stores.

      You can pre-order copies to be sent on that date and save 10% by sending an email to

      To get copies right now, visit and click on the “Coming Soon” tab. then scroll down to “And Then Came Life.”

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