What Can Be Next?

[Today’s post is by Glenn.}

Just a few more days separate us from the final edit process of And Then Came Life, and then onto print! My mind tries to grasp all this project means before our Lord and for what reasons He endorsed it, empowered us in it, provided every word and every person who has joined along the way, and for the birth of every page.

Something awesome is coming alive between the pages of this personal telling, and while I am sure it is my personal story, it is also the story of thousands who may be looking for hope.

Hope to change. Hope to end the confusion. Hope to settle into a better life, a life filled with inner peace and contentment. It is my hope that And Then Came Life will tell how all these things have come into my life. And while I know all this is true, and am surely grateful for Jesus’ intervening love, I am also sure many will not believe what I have said.

This book is the telling truth of one’s personal journey into life. This week I re-read some of the pages and could barely understand it was about me. The person on the pages has been long gone, yet the images and sting of yesterday’s taunts, rejections and fears still hang in the rafters in my brain.

Thank God I do not give any of my past free rent in my mind. Today I have the mind of Christ! But to imagine this book coming into public view at such a volatile time in our world is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. Sometimes I think I should hide under the bed, but I will not.

Whatever comes next in the journey of writing and publishing this book will be exciting to witness. And I know I am not alone in this. My continued prayer is that people will glean Heaven’s hope from the pages of my story, and perhaps they will find their way out from a lifestyle of loneliness, betrayal, and distinct separateness from God.

What will come next?


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