About My Testimony

[Today’s post is by Glenn. Watch his testimony at right.]

Recently Robert posted a short video of my personal testimony as shown on The 700 Club more than 20 years ago. My son was an infant, as you’ll see toward the end of the video.

Sometimes people wish to know how this testimony relates to the book, And Then Came Life. The 700 Club interview happened through a series of “unusual” events. After looking back on them all, I see how God planted the creation of His story in my life, even back then.

To have met Ken Hulme (the video interviewer) and to have engaged his audience years 20+ ago was a great opportunity for blessing. It was said later by The 700 Club that public response to the video was overwhelming and impacted many people’s lives. Many gave their lives to the Lord the day the video aired.

Years after my testimony on The 700 Club, we were asked by our book publisher to obtain confirming thoughts from well-known persons of influence. Ken Hulme came to mind and my wife, Elaine, dialed him promptly. He was very kind and interested in how our lives had unfolded over the past 2 decades. He said he’d often wondered if a call would come saying Glenn had not made it, had perhaps fallen away from the Lord.

But that call never came and instead he learned I was well and growing in the Lord years later. Upon hearing this news, Ken offered his endorsement of our book which you can read on the right-hand sidebar. For Robert and me, this endorsement brought blessing beyond our imagination and now we see how God planned the meeting with Ken Hulme 20 years ago for His purposes today.

We are reminded that God plants all along our journey on this earth and years later His grow out of what initially seemed total dryness. He is a spring in a dry place for His children and I am thankful for His providing Ken’s endorsement when it was most needed. The book is blessed by this endorsement, as well as 2 additional endorsements which we highly value, and enables us to forge ahead with final printing.

There is another lesson from this experience worth stating. If I had not made myself available to Ken’s initial inquires, and if I had not listened to my wife and the Holy Spirit 20 years ago, there would be no book, no blog, and no hope for readers to observe and review and, yes, even critique.

Each day we are each offered opportunities to be obedient to our Father’s voice. Each day we each determine to what degree we will submit to Him. If only we trusted Him with all our heart and leaned not on our own understanding, and in all our ways we acknowledged Him, we would find ourselves in lands of opportunity and blessing that seem otherwise impossible.

While The 700 Club video is not, in itself, making the book become reality, it was the availability of God’s plan that day I accepted the challenge to tell of His touch upon my life. While there can be great fear in transparency, there is greater blessing in standing firm in Him. He is all powerful and loving toward us.

There are great things ahead in Him, despite what I see today. My faith is in what is unseen and there is no time for second guessing. He is ever faithful!


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2 Responses to About My Testimony

  1. George says:

    I praise God for the Truth. The Truth sets us free, free from any bondage that ties us to sin. I praise God that no sin is of more consequence than another but that all sin was laid upon Him, who for us became sin that we might become the righteousness of God. I Praise God that you have found that freedom. You have been a blessing in my life and God has used you to speak into my life. I have personally experienced Christ in you ministering to me. Keep your eyes upon the Author and Finisher of our Faith! He said if they hated Him they would hate us too. Matt. Chapter 8. People get mad when Jesus sets people free! Let the mad stay mad and you keep living in the power of the Gospel. I love you brother!

    Living Because He Lives,

    • Your words are great blessing to me George. thank you!It is my desire that the story of my LORD JESUS be told so that others might discover heavens hope and live free from sinfilled bondage. His stripes have covered the overall cost of telling and living under a micro-light before others. His comfort is with me always- His word stands true daily while the actions and words of unbelivers take thier aim. Jesus is loving, caring, all powerful over me and through me. Numerous giants can not stand before Him. His peace guides my steps and our journey has only just begun.

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