How Does God Lead Christian Authors?

[Today’s post is by Glenn]

Many fans and well-wishers have asked how God directed Robert and me through the writing of And Then Came Life. Over the years, some have offered words of encouragement motivating the book’s completion. Others have made prophetic statements about the book’s birth and God’s intended purpose for it. And yes, there have been discouraging words spewed from the lips of naysayers.

The Book of Jeremiah, chapter 21, verse 11, speaks of God’s plans and promises for this book and any work done “as unto Him.” So I don’t, therefore, feel it’s appropriate to say more than what God has already said in His Word. I have tired myself with numerous speculations about the book and its impact on readers, and I can honestly say these varied conjectures have not added one iota to this journey, except to create more obstacles to the book’s completion. The fact that Robert and I have come this far is nothing short of amazing and miraculous.

God has worked on His own behalf in bringing this story to light. I can only believe its purpose is more for healing hearts than for my personal gain. He has whispered many words into my soul with regard to His plans, and while they are wondrously complex, I learn daily that my thoughts are not His thoughts. Therefore, I can only wait upon Him to reveal His plans and timing for His story of redemption throughout my life.

I know that even if I die today, He has lived outwardly from my life as best as I could allow Him. I have not always been obedient to His voice, and sometimes I am very stubborn. Yet He is always understanding of my weaknesses and has has brought me to greater boldness in Him. This level of personal conviction increases as each day passes while waiting on Him.

Every day I take in His breath as a heterosexual man. I am healthy, happy, and fully filled with His grace and masculinity. Facing giants has been the call for many years, and most giants are unseen and imagined horrors of ridicule, rejection and intimidation. Through His touch, I have stood against of them one at a time, sometimes all of them at once. His blood covering has kept me and those I love most safe from harm.

The journey ahead will be perilous and revealing. This personal saga will test unwanted eyes and voices in my walk with Him, but I am able – through Him – to accomplish all He has spoken for me to be part of. The key to following is knowing His voice and what His Word says for His will in my life. I discover myself daily in Him. Each day is fresh and new, and each trial is but a repeat of old stuff because the adversary cannot create. He can only degrade and destroy.

Each day of waiting on God to bring to pass His will for this book has  been one more chance to further understand, as His son, and to witness His power and compassion. To write any book is an accomplishment the world views as somewhat extraordinary. I am, however, simply astonished to have a life this blessed without a book.

So there you have it. It’s all about His plans and I am along for the unfolding of His plans. Being a vessel for His story is really an honor by which I am fearfully aware of. No way could any of this have happened without Him or through Him. Much is ahead for Robert and me in Christ. The oppositions will arise, I suspect, but so will the blessing of His story of redemptive love and restorative power through His Son, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior!


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