Welcome to The 700 Club!

[Today’s post is by Robert]

The true-life story of David Goldberg (not his real name) first appeared on The 700 Club more than 20 years ago. That short television segment told of David’s escape from his life of homosexual bondage into freedom in Jesus Christ, followed by a nurturing heterosexual marriage and family. Soon David’s longer story will appear in print. Watch for And Then Came Life at online and retail bookstores this Spring.

David’s tale is not uncommon – that of being born into a dysfunctional family with a physically absent father and emotionally absent mother. Also not uncommon is the patience with which David’s Creator continued calling David into relationship with Himself.

Rather, the uniqueness, the newsworthiness of David Goldberg’s story is in the circumstances in which he discovered the biblical David and identified with the man God appointed to be the forefather of His Son, Jesus, the Christ. Just as the biblical David fell into immorality and found forgiveness, so did David Goldberg find forgiveness for his condition of sin.

That same forgiveness for David, king of Israel, and for David Goldberg, homosexual, is available to everyone who seeks Jesus Christ with pure motive and whole heart. To learn how you can escape homosexuality, log onto http://www.exodus-international.org or call 407-599-6872.


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