Why Did It Take 20 Years?

[This post is by Glenn]

Since co-authoring the book, And Then Came Life, I am often asked, “why did it take you 20 years to get started?” My first answer is that the time-frame had less to do with what I wanted and more to do with God’s planning.

I have wanted to complete this writing for many years and even tried to do so, in fact. The title has stirred within me for at least 20 years and I had even written it down in a folder, and thought I could forget it, somehow.

Over the years there did come opportunity to begin the book at 3 different times. Each time there came a different person, or persons, who had believed a story of God’s transforming touch upon my life should be told. They were each very kind-hearted and well-meaning individuals.

Each thought they were going to be the catalyst to my book’s final completion. Each presented expert qualifications and even offered funds to get the job done. Each were prayerful about the matter, and while each different opportunity seemed as though it was all in His plans, each was not.

I tried to create [the book]. I tried to actually induce the book’s progress, as if the sooner it got onto paper, the sooner it would be done with. After all, the title had stirred within me for many years and the telling of it became a soft, daily reminder that God had plans for my future and He would bring them to pass.

Finally, after several false starts and stuttering attempts, Robert Parrish came into my life. Our [first] meeting was about getting a haircut and there were no agendas. It was only after I had fully surrendered the idea of a book writing that the real opportunity came to me.

Together, Robert and I clicked, and began our effort to glorify God and not ourselves. Through great outpouring and patience, we have been part of God’s plan in the creating of this book, and together we stand in amazement that it has come this far.

Each door that has opened for us has been less about us and more about Him. So there it is – [the writing of this book] took so long because I had to get out of the way of it and come alongside of what God had already had planned. And it is good – and it is blessed – and it brings hope where only God can.


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2 Responses to Why Did It Take 20 Years?

  1. Debbie Davis says:

    Praise God! If we all get out of God’s way He can do for us what He’s done for you; Bring us to a place of peace and understanding as well as obedience. As you already know, We love your family and will continue in prayer for you! God bless this passage into other’s lives that it brings formation, reformation and transformation in Jesus name.

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