Why Did I Write This Book

[Today’s post is by Glenn]

One question I’m often asked is “why did I want to write this story?” Authors write for a plethora of reasons. Money is an obvious choice, although there are more authors working “day jobs” than actually make a living with their writing. The pursuit of fame might be a motivation, or entertainment. On a grander scale, there is, perhaps, opportunity to impact the future of the world.

I am asked this question because of the possible risks and the potential backlash for revealing one’s personal journey. Allowing all the world to see beyond the high walls many of us live behind can be perilous. Many would prefer to keep their dirty laundry hidden.

I admit to having addressed this issue with the Lord on several occasions. His reply is always the same: “I wish to speak through what I have done in your heart and through our loving Father-son relationship.”

Clearly, writing or not writing this book was never an option. It is a work of destination. These are words on paper attempting to convey my struggles from birth even to this very day. The goal is, and always has been, to bring Heaven’s hope to those who may be seeking it from the dark corners of mankind where hope seems all but gone.

Once I had a friend who shared a similar background as mine. His life was picture-perfect, and his wife’s name was even the same as mine. Once we were so close he and his wife even named one of their children after me. The early years of our marriages were spent creating wonderful memories.

Unknown to me and most of the world, my friend lived a life of hidden secrets. He held a substantially respected position in our community, and within his church was admired as a leader and an upright example of heterosexual males in today’s society.

Today my friend has dropped out of sight, his history unknown except for a few minor details. I pondered how he could live a life of anonymity while I could hardly think of anything else beyond assisting others by sharing and proclaiming God’s Word and revealing His impact on me, personally.

I have accepted God’s encouragement to speak out and follow His voice, no matter what. My friend’s life is filled with pleasantries, although quite ordinary. My life is more active, and while there are days of quietness, in between speaking out loud and proceeding in the light of God’s will, I could never be a man of total silence.

Before Christ’s intervention in my heart, I also lived a life hidden behind closet doors, except for the immediate company I kept. Now that those doors are unhinged by Jesus’ healing power, I am compelled to bring the story of His touch on my life for others to contemplate and reflect upon.

It is an honor to speak of Him who loves without fail or private conditions. God loves me freely and invites me into His perfect plans, so I must, in turn, delight in His work in my life and my family, and speak whenever possible about Him without shame or reservation.

If I had never written down one word for others to absorb, you may rest assured the actions of my life would be the book living long after my last breath. All our lives become books for the rest of the world to read. How wonderful, then, for ourselves and for generations to come, to be alive in Christ Jesus and all He is.

This is a love affair about which I write. This is about my passion for He who healed me and, out of His love, He has created this book. This is my praise to Him.


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5 Responses to Why Did I Write This Book

  1. Chrystal says:

    “God loves me freely and invites me into His perfect plans, so I must, in turn, delight in His work in my life and my family, and speak whenever possible about Him without shame or reservation.”

    What a beautiful testimony of His drawing power in your life. God’s unconditional love is so hard to understand, and so amazing to receive.

    • Thank you Chrystal for the encouraging words. Both Robert and I have aspired to bring Jesus glory while creating this book. Our heartfelt hope is that all who read it will increase in thier own faith and delight in the Lord who loves them freely.

  2. Glenn,
    Wow! What an inspiration you are to me. You will be an inspiration to many that read this book. Hope, life, strength can only be found in Jesus! Your book sends a message of just that. Life without the Lord is no hope. Thanks Glenn for sharing your journey with friends that know and love you personally. Those that don’t know you will want to. Blessings to you friend. Can’t wait to read it!

  3. Glenn,
    Wow! Glenn what an inspiration you are to me. You will be an inspiration to others that read your book. The only hope there is in this life is Jesus. Thanks for sharing your journey with those of us that know and love you on a personal level. Those that read the book and don’t know you will want to. Thanks for sharing your loving gift of the Lord with the world. Can’t wait to read it. Keep us posted! Blessings to you!

  4. [This comment is from Glenn.] Thank you, Brenda, for your recent comment. Your encouraging words cause me to consider how the Christ’s light from out of us is much like a flashlight. The “out glow” of our godly witness into a darkened world can best be seen by us from where we stand, yet its reach and effect in the far distance is ultimately realized by persons and places we may never know. It is encouraging to know what we say and do unto the Lord can cut through hopeless darkness, even if we are not there in person.

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