Who’s Happy for Us?

[Today’s post is by Glenn.]

Just a thought – when Moses went away from his family to speak with the Pharoah, do you think anyone was happy to see him depart?

When Abraham went away on his journey up the mountain, was there a send-off party for his following the voice of God?

When Peter and the disciples dropped what they were doing and proceeded to follow Jesus where He wished for them to go, do you think their families and friends were behind them yelling, “Good going! Have a great day and write us sometime!”

More often than not, when God calls us out from where we are hidden, we go only by His voice and His voice alone. It is a step  in faith that even if we turn the wrong way, He will have us close to His breast and will guide us in safe passages, green pastures, and not in mucky paths filled with serpents!

Follow peace. Follow His peace. Whoever said being a Christian was for the weak and the faint? We are journey people. We walk not by sight, but we walk in strength and knowing He is with us, regardless of whether we take a turn that is far off or close by.

He is in charge over us. We are designed for adventure in Him so He will receive glory and honor.

Vision from God, plus timing from God = fulfillment in God.

Realize your heart hungers for more of Him and He will take you and create within you a desire to follow Him, no matter what. Should we say to the man who hears God say, “move to China,” that he must not go because folks are not happy for him? No. We must come under our brothers’ arms and pray for them and send them off in peace and blessings.

I have many places to go, as yet. Some will be perilous, this I already know. Some will be dangerous, this I know. Some will be glorious. All of us should be where He is and in Him who sends us.

If you and Alicia had never moved to Vero Beach in the first place, there would be no book, so do we say the move was a waste of your resources and time? Or do we call it prosperous in Christ? Who could ever know the many lives touched? Who could ever judge the steps? Only God.

I say, go as God says go and never look back, or you could find yourself standing like a salty tower. LOL.


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2 Responses to Who’s Happy for Us?

  1. George says:

    Thanks Glenn, a timely word for me if I may say so. You have always been able to speak the truth in that Gal. 1:10 kind of way. Very inspiring for a young disciple such as myself. It takes a serious faith to say “up the mountain my son” as Abraham did. As my beautiful Lisa says; “Where God guides He also Provides”.

  2. George – just to let you know Glenn’s book is in final, final countdown at the publisher. Should go into printing this month, with actual books available January 2010.

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