How to Leave the Gay Life Behind

[Today’s post is by Robert]

As you may have read over at, I tell other people’s stories. Sometimes that takes the form of advertising – telling the marketplace about a client’s products or services. Sometimes that becomes training materials developed to help trainees learn to sell or service the client’s product.

Now the most recent “other person’s story” is about to appear in print. Written as a novel, And Then Came Life recounts the life of David Goldberg, his struggles with sexual identity and his eventual commitment to heterosexual marriage and fatherhood.

Often this process of telling other people’s stories lacks passion, especially when written commercially. Not so the writing of And Then Came Life! This true tale resonates with every person’s struggle to find parental approval and peer acceptance. Though David’s troubles are set in the world of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals, its core issues echoed clearly in my own heterosexual experience.

What boy has not yearned for his father to be delighted in him? What girl has not longed for her mother to teach domestic doings? What child of either gender has not emulated their parent, however comical the attempt?

So it is with David Goldberg. So it was with me. Mirrored hungers, but from opposite sides of the coin.

Look for And Then Came Life this October in online bookstores or email for a copy.


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