How to Write a Book

[Today’s post is by Robert]

In August 2004 my wife and I were new in the small ocean-side Florida town. So different from Phoenix just a week ago! She needed a hair stylist and I a barber. One day while walking a local strip mall, we saw in a hair salon window a Star of David with a Christian cross in the center. Messianic follower of Jesus Christ, we knew immediately.

Salon owner Glenn Greenstein was charming, outgoing, and an expert hair stylist for both men and women. We became instant clients and set about getting acquainted. It’s always more fun to enjoy the person to whom you trust your coifing.

A couple of months later Glenn asked whether I’d write a book he’d had in mind for more than 20 years. He described the project and suggested I go home and pray about it. I did just that. Two weeks later I told him I’d be his co-author.

The project seemed monumental. How does one combine the stories of 3 generations into 1 book? How does one capture the ambitions of grandparents, parents and children, along with their excesses and their failures? Nonetheless, Glenn was sure this was a project God had laid on his heart. Soon I began sensing holy direction, as well.

Divinely emboldened, we plunged ahead. Almost daily Glenn sent an email detailing the next several pages. As his hurried keystroking became more familiar and as I added dialogue, the book began taking shape.

Three hurricanes later, my wife and I fled to the heartland of America, though still receiving Glenns’ emails and still adding dialogue. Perhaps a little uneasy that his book project might have taken wing, but saying he just wanted to review the progress, Glenn offered to fly out for a visit. The 2 days and 2 evening we spent together were very special times in all our lives.

By September 2006 the manuscript was sufficiently complete to begin showing to agents and editors. I attended a writer’s conference in Dallas, only to come home discouraged. My presentations to potential buyers generated more confusion than interest, although one agent agreed to consider the book. Later, however, they declined to represent us.

Next step – finding our publisher.


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